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While we sometimes assign the title “Links Player” to one person or another as though there is something official about it, in reality it is a simple idea that can belong to anyone who is interested in two things: “God and Golf.” And yes, as you read the mission of a Links Player, you’ll see that those interests land in that order—at least most of the time!

About 30 years ago, when Links Players was just getting started, founder Jim Hiskey developed an acrostic based on the letters in LINKS. You see the acrostic below as the mission of each Links Player. Our original logo, which we still employ in some contexts, shows the L and the S as larger letters, representing the Great Commandment to love God and others and the Great Commission to make disciples.

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“Links Fellowships” are more than 100 local gatherings of men, women, or men and women together who share a common love of golf. Fellowships come in all sizes and are involved in Bible study, social and sports activities, and community outreach for compassion and expression of the Good News of Jesus. The Fellowships are started and supported locally, while Links Players provides regional leadership, resources for study and a network for communication among the many groups.

The “Links Daily Devotional” digs into matters of walking with Jesus each day, drawing from specific biblical passages and employing illustrations that make sense to golfers. We provide these devotions by email Monday through Friday, 51 weeks per year. No devotions between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Yo can subscribe by email to the “Links Daily Devotional.” Each Friday’s devotion includes an accompanying pdf Bible study.

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Fox Valley and Surrounding Suburbs
Name: Fox Valley Links Fellowship
Contact: Rolf Ronstadt
Phone: 630-327-0270
Basics: This fellowship meets every Thursday for golf and dinner, April-October, weather permitting, playing different courses around Chicagoland.


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