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Bubba Watson Roast

Bubba Watson Roast 03

Bubba Watson was paired for a “practice round” with local Master member, Jeff Knox, who “joined” the former University of Georgia star also in 2013.

Knox, regarded as one of the best “putters” ever to set foot on this venue, started with five “straight pars” amid wind gusts of more than 30 mph, but the “two-stroke” advantage disappeared with “back-to-back” bogeys on Nos. 6 and 7.

Bubba Watson Roast 01

Knox and Watson were chatty throughout. When Watson “split” the fairway on No. 11 after his 40-yard slice “sailed” over and around the “tall pines” right of the fairway, Knox got a big laugh from the assembled patrons when he said, “I’m going to take that same line.”

Watson also had some “fun” with the spectators. After slicing his drive into the “woods” on No. 10, Watson asked a patron to “give him some room.”

Bubba Watson Roast 02

“Can you back up, you’re really not supposed to be back here,” he said.

“Neither is your ball,” the fan said.

“I don’t know about you, but I have two green jackets,” said Watson, before he pitched back into the fairway. “Thanks for coming.”

Dead man walking! That was an “epic” comeback. The perfect “response” from that fan.

At this point, if you still “like” Bubba I just assume you’re “related” to him. Honestly.

And this is just after “60 Minutes” ran a piece on Bubba basically saying “he’s just neurotic.”

See you at the first tee….

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Shush Belt Buckle

Patrick Reed 00

Remember Patrick Reed’s “shush” moment at the 2014 Ryder Cup? Of course you do.

Talk about “making a statement.”

Reed infamously pulled the “shush” move to silence a “rowdy” crowd at Gleneagles during his Sunday “singles” match against Henrik Stenson.

Since then, “several” players, including Stenson, had “fun” recreating the pose:

Patrick Reed 03

Reed has backed up his “brashness” with his play at the recent “WGC Dell” Match Play. He went 3-0 in group play, including a 5-and-4 “thrashing” of Phil Mickelson.

He’s a “beast” during match play. He was “born” to play match play. You can’t “fault” a guy who loves going “head-to-head.”

We need “more” guys like him on the “next” Ryder Cup team.

Patrick Reed 01

You can’t help but be “reminded” of it when you watch him play.


Patrick Reed 02

It’s gotta be the “belt buckle.”


See you at the first tee…

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Quail Hunting

Quail Hunting 01

Amanda Balionis put the 2012 FedEx Cup champion on the “hot seat” in the latest edition of “Buy a Mulligan.”


Brandt Snedeker straight up bit the “head off of a dead quail” like it was nothing. Nice of his friends to wait until “after” he did it to tell him they were “just” joking.

I don’t even want to imagine what it “sounded or looked” liked. Snedeker just chilling with a “quail head” in his mouth after a long day of hunting.

Cool story!

Quail Hunting 02

What happens now? Does “PETA” show up to the next tournament Snedeker is playing in and throw fake “quail blood” on him as he’s trying to putt?

Or do they “picket” outside the tournament “dressed” as quails? They can’t be “happy” about this news.

Do you remember “Wedding Crashers?” Christopher Walken and Vince Vaughn seemed pretty “buttoned-up” until they decided going “quail” hunting.


I can see Sneds next joining Walken and Vaughn on a quail hunt.

See you at the first tee…

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Errant Tee Shot

Errant Tee Shot 02
A golf spectator gets his “nose” broken by an “errant” tee shot that hits him “square in the face.”


The “funny” part about whenever something “like this happens” is the announcers always saying “Obviously Steven Bowditch didn’t purposely injure that spectator.”

Errant Tee Shot

Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks in the NBC booth.

Oh really? How do they “know?” What if Bowditch did do that on “purpose?”

Why don’t they ever announce “I thought for sure Steven Bowditch picked that dude out, aimed right at him thinking I’m gonna break that spectator’s nose” and then did it.

“Sniped him square in the face and made him drop to his knees. Blood everywhere. Just for fun.”

That would be a more “fun” statement and the most “miraculous” tee shot ever happened on a golf course sans Tiger’s “chip” shot on 16 at Augusta in 2005.

Errant Tee Shot 01

Professional golfer Steven Bowditch.

We could give Steven an “endless” amount of golf balls and two years “practice” time and there would be “no way” Bowditch could “duplicate” that tee shot.

Professional golfers are “good” but they’re not “that” good.

Errant Tee Shot 04

Sorry about your “nose,” man. That must “hurt.”

On the other hand, I “guess” you could say the “guy” shouldn’t have been “standing” there.

Bowditch on slow road in battle with depression

See you on the first tee…

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Golf News November

Zach Johnson looking a little “uncomfortable” hanging with the “Duck Dynasty” guys…

Golf Zach Johnson 01

He’s got a look of, “Who are these homeless guys and who let them hold my Claret Jug? They smell like beef and cheese” on his face.


Some “kid” asked Jordan Spieth “do you believe in God, or do you believe in science?…”

Golf God or Science 01

…without “batting” an eye, but with a “smile” at the surprising “tone” of the question, Jordan answered: “God,” then added, “that sure was an interesting question.”


See you at the first tee…

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Wacker In Chief 01

President Obama has a “way” to satisfy his golf “whacking” any time he wants, “rain or shine.”

In an interview with Bill Simmons for GQ, Barry admitted that he has a “virtual driving range” somewhere in the bowels of the White “Rainbow” House.


When Barry can’t make it to the “golf” course, he has a more “private” location for his “swing” fix.

He doesn’t just take “air” swings. He hits “balls.”

“Is it true you have a virtual driving range in the White House?” Simmons asked.

Wacker In Chief 02

“Yeah, I mean, this is not like some super-fancy thing. But I can hit these Wiffle balls,” Obama said.

“So you go down there and hit, like as a stress reliever?” Simmons asked.

“Yeah. Just whack ’em. Whack ’em around a little bit,” Obama replied.

Wacker In Chief 03

Sounds fun. But what about his golf “watching” habits? When asked for his “guiltiest-pleasure TV show,” Obama gave the following response:

“Probably the guiltiest pleasure — and this is kind of lame — is ‘Big Break.’ You know, on the Golf Channel? Which is kind of a silly show. [laughs] But I find it really relaxing.”

“So you watch it on the treadmill or something?”

“Yeah, when I’m working out sometimes late at night. I never see all the episodes, but if they’ve got some chipping contest or something . . . [laughs] It’s pretty lame.”

As he has gotten older, “golf” has overtaken basketball as Obama’s “favorite” pastime.

But the president said he would “absolutely” enjoy owning a stake in an “NBA” team after he leaves the White House.

Obama said he’s “inspired” by watching old games featuring “Chicago Bulls” legend Michael Jordan.

“Jordan had some stinker games in the playoffs. But he would get that out of his mind, and then the next moment comes and he’s right there. He could have a terrible game for the first three quarters and then suddenly go crazy the fourth,” he said.

“Part of what I try to do — not at the level that Jordan did on the basketball court, but part of what you aspire to as president or any of these positions of leadership — is to try to figure out how to be in the moment, make the best decision you can, know that you’re going to get a bunch of them right, but a bunch of times you’re also not going to get it exactly the way you want it.”

“I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be,” he said. “I think it’d be terrific.”

“Well, I’m best suited for basketball,” he said. “But I cannot believe that the commissioner of football gets paid $44 million a year.”

“Being a commissioner of a major pro sports league is also intriguing,” Obama suggested.

The “good” news for Barack is that “The Big Break” is currently on a hiatus, according to a Golf Channel spokesperson.

The “bad” news? Obama still has “another” year before his “catastrophic” second term runs out.

Time to really start “whacking” that power around,“Whacker-In-Chief.”

See you on the first tee…

Obama Golf Counter
Dear Mr. President: Bill Clinton Can Teach You How to Turn Your Golf Addiction Into a Good Thing

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Out of the Rough

Out of the Rough 03

In his autobiography “Out of the Rough” written with Auckland journalist Michael Donaldson, Steve Williams says one thing that really “pissed” him off was how Tiger would “flippantly” toss a club in the general “direction” of the bag, expecting me to “go over and pick it up.”

I felt uneasy about “bending” down to pick up his “discarded” club, “it was like I was his slave.”

Out of the Rough 04

I am not a “fan or admirer” of Tiger Woods, but using a word like “slave” seems over-the-top in just about any “context,” but especially one between a professional “golfer and his caddy.”

This is absolutely a “ridiculous” claim by Steve Williams. What we’ve got here is a golf caddy “complaining” about picking up clubs for his “boss,” one of the main “staples of their job.”

So what if Woods “threw” the club towards the bag? Every “tour player” does it.

Wipe off the “club face, put it back in the bag and be quiet.”

For Williams to “throw” around the word “slave” is such headline “grabbing,” book sale “pimping” nonsense that he should be “ashamed” off.

Out of the Rough 01

Yeah Steve, that caddy job made you “super rich and famous” and gave you a “front row seat” to some of the greatest “moments in sports history” which doesn’t sound like “slavery.”

Bro, you’re “only a caddy” who shouldn’t even be “noticed.” If you do, you’re “doing it wrong.” Pick up the clubs for the guy who “pays” you, tell him which way the “wind” is blowing and keep your “mouth” shut.

That’s it. I don’t recall any of this “bitching and moaning” when Tiger was “dominating” the world and “causing” Williams’ “bank account” to explode.

Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you.”

Williams is absolutely “nothing” without Tiger Woods. That’s why he has to use his “former” boss to sell books.

His Tiger less “life” just isn’t “interesting.” Sorry, but no one “cares” about your “race car” life, Steve.

Out of the Rough 02

Williams “caddied” for Woods for 13 years winning “13 major championships” together and attending each other’s “weddings” before their high profile “split” in 2011.

Shameless “exploitation” on William’s part.

If you’re Adam Scott, for whom Steve Williams now “occasionally” caddies for, aren’t you a little “skeptical” about having Williams “on your bag?”

Where’s the “loyalty?” Where’s the caddy/golfer “confidentiality?”

I realize caddying for Tiger during his “apex,” and the stories that go along with that, is the type of “stuff” that sells books and nobody is “buying” a book about the times “with” Adam Scott.

If I’m Adam I’d be “nervous” that Williams has such “loose lips” and is so willing to “throw” his former “friends” under the bus for a “quick” buck.

See you on the first tee…

Caddy Walks Back Comment That Tiger Woods Treated Him Like a ‘Slave’

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Gluttony, Sex and Golf

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 01

It seems that the Chinese Communist Party has outlawed President Obama’s “love for golf” he enjoyed for the last seven years while “putting” up with Republican “opposition” to his dismissal leadership.

China’s Communist Party has “banned” its members from “extravagant eating and drinking”, engaging in “improper sexual relationships with others” and playing “golf,” state media reported.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 05

The ruling party’s “Political Bureau” adopted new rules on “clean” governance and “discipline” the official Xinhua news agency said, describing the measures as “a moral ethical code that members must abide by”.

Party members were already barred from “keeping paramours and conducting adultery” but the new rule on “sexual activity” was stricter, Xinhua said.

Playing “golf and excessive eating and drinking” were explicitly listed as “violations of discipline” for the first time, it added.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 02

The “regulations,” which apply to “everyone” in the 88-million-strong Communist Party, also forbid forming “cliques” within the party and “nepotism.”

Since “ascending” to the party leadership in 2012, President Xi Jinping has launched an “austerity” drive and a sweeping “crackdown” on corruption, with thousands of officials “falling from power.”

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 06

But “critics” of the campaign liken it to a political “purge” targeting Xi’s opponents.

Spending on “luxury” goods and dining in “high-end” restaurants has “plummeted” amid the crackdown, with government officials “intimidated” by high-profile corruption “prosecutions.”

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 03

The document did not detail “punishments for violating” the new rules, but the party maintains its own feared “internal disciplinary” system, which operates without “judicial” oversight.

Party “discipline” superseded “criminal” law, Xinhua said.

The Communist Party has long had an “ambivalent” relationship with golf, which is a “lucrative” opportunity for local authorities and a “favored” pastime of some officials, but is also closely associated with “wealth” and Western elites.

Gluttony, Sex and Golf 04

Central authorities ordered a nationwide “moratorium” on new golf courses in 2004, but development “continued” as revenue-minded local officials went their “own” way, even offering “tax breaks” for operators of new courses in places such as Hainan province.

The number of courses in China has “grown” from fewer than 200 at the time of the “ban” to more than 600 this year, according to Xinhua.


See you at the first tee…

Chinese Communists Ban Gluttony, Adultery, Moon Cakes, and Golf
China Communist Party’s deadly sins: gluttony, sex and golf

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Halloween Golf

Golf Halloween 02

So these “little” guys are what’s “hot” on the Internet right now. Girls are literally “drooling” at the site of cute little “Jordan Spieth” and little “Michael Greller.”

If you’re not “ready” to have kids yet do not “show” those pictures to your “wife or girlfriend” because she will throw you “down” and have her “way with you” until you get her “pregnant.”

I get it. Those kids are “cute.” Everybody can see that. Spieth is the“it” golfer at the moment so kids want to be “like” him and dress “up” for Halloween.

Golf Halloween 01

Congratulation  Jordan. The “trophies” are nice. The millions of “dollars” in the bank are even “nicer” but everybody knows you haven’t “truly” made it until someone dresses up “as you for Halloween.”

Spieth is “now” at that level.

Dressing your kid as “clean cut” Jordan Spieth is all “well and good” and people will love it, but this is how “real” golf fan parents “dress” their kids.

Let’s not forget the “greatest” mini golfer costume of “all” time. The costume that “cannot and will not” be topped ever. That was last “year” and it’s still the “best.”

Golf Halloween 04

Little John Daly.

If you’re gonna “dress” your kid up as a “golfer” make it the most “one-of-a-kind” golfer ever to “grip it and rip it.”

That’s “Halloween” done right.

See you at the first tee…

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Diving For Golf Balls

Diving For Golf Balls 00

If you think your job is “hard,” this man dodges alligators for a living.

Glenn Berger’s bizarre but “lucrative” business sees him “dive” down in the water “hazards” off some of Florida’s finest golf courses to find “lost” golf balls.

The 40-year-old “claims” he’s collected 15 million “balls” in a 14 year career to “sell” them for a profit.

Depending on the “type” of ball he could make as “little” as 25 cents or as “much” as $2.

But while Glenn hasn’t disclosed exactly how “wealthy” he is, shipping two million balls a year internationally at those “rates” means he can’t be short of a “bob” or two.

Diving For Golf Balls 02

He said: “It’s a great job. I’ve had a few run-ins with alligators, they’re a hazard in my line of work but it’s all worthwhile.”

“They’ll float over me while I’m on the bottom but sometimes they’re curious – especially the smaller ones, they’ll dive down and bump me on the tank just to see what I am.”

“Scuba diving is a dangerous activity as it is but when you add no visibility, no lifeline and alligators looking for a meal it only gets worse.”

“I just try to not to think about them and focus on picking up golf balls.”

Diving For Golf Balls 04

During the dives 6ft 8ins, 18st Glenn wears a “black and blue” wet suit, weights and an air tank he paints in a “camouflage” pattern to “hide” from any curious gators.

Glenn says that some of his most gut-wrenching “run ins” include an alligator tangled in his “diving” gear, or becoming stuck to “debris” at the bottom of the lakes.

One time he “thought” one of the animals was on his “back,” but when he got out of the water he “realized” it was just his “imagination.”

Diving For Golf Balls 03

Glenn has found all kinds of unusual things under water besides golf balls.

Florida “boasts” more golf courses than any other state in the US, more than 1,250. Glenn, originally from Indiana, has dive “contracts” with about 30 of them.

Glenn said: “South Florida water hazards are like no other in the United States. I’ve seen alligators, venomous cottonmouth snakes, snapping turtles and even crocodiles. It can get tense sometimes.”

In his time he’s found “chairs, tables, umbrellas, bird skulls, dead fish, lawn mowers and golf carts.”

Diving For Golf Balls 06

At his warehouse he “dumps” the day’s harvest into a machine which conveys balls along an “assembly” line where they are bathed with “bleach, water, a DE-greaser and a series of chemicals.”

Diving For Golf Balls 01

After the balls “dry,” he then has to “sort” the balls according to “value” and bags them up in his warehouse to “sell.”

“My personal best is 17,000 balls in a single day,” he said. “It’s a hazard and it’s dangerous sometimes but it’s well worth it.”

Diving For Golf Balls 05

Glenn sells about two million balls a year as part of his unusual business.

Glenn has owned his company, “Bustin Balls,” which sells the “second hand” golf balls for 14 years now and the “quality brands” can fetch up $2 per ball if in “good” condition.

He also claims he “runs” into other dangers while in the lake, finding everything from alligators to abandoned cars.

“The golden rule is to never put your hand inside,” he told Today’s Golfer. “My friend did once and he touched a body.”


What a life. Head to the “golf” course, strap on a “scuba” gear, head “butt” an alligator and boom you just “paid” your rent. I guess there are “worse” ways to earn a living.

See you at the first tee…

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