Testimonial Insights

Are you willing to make your life count for eternity? Have you ever shared your personal testimony? People love personal stories, especially stories about how lives have been changed. People need to hear stories like that. They can have a profound impact and influence on the way people view their relationship to others as well as to God.

Now imagine that you’re able to tell your story to a huge audience, and every person who hears it is profoundly interested in your unique life experiences. Impossible? Not at all! Through the wonder of technology, your testimony can reach right into the heart of those people most interested in what you have to say. By using the Internet you virtually guarantee that everyone exposed to your testimony has something in common with you—they can relate to your unique situation. What a powerful way to share Jesus Christ with the world!

The Internet provides a perfect way to share personal stories with thousands—maybe even millions—of people from around the world. As you probably already know, one of the best ways to share your faith is to tell how God has changed your life. That’s the idea behind personal Christian testimonies. Eventually, the cyber space will contain millions of stories covering virtually every walk of life.

Christians come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. We’ve all faced our own personal struggles. The Bible says we have “all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Your personal story is an opportunity to share in a way that ensures your testimony will be read by people facing similar struggles in life. In other words, your testimony is only likely to be called up by people whom you can directly help!

No matter what your interest are, you can share your testimony with people of similar background or interests. If you struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, with homosexuality, or with healing from anger, pain or loneliness, you can share God’s victory over sin with people all over the world. If you like, your story can link to your personal e-mail address or your personal web page. This will give people a chance to dialog with you directly.

You may think that your testimony is only one story and thus unimportant, or that your story may not be “dramatic” enough or interesting enough to be of value. Not so! Many thousands of netizens will eventually read your personal story. Every story counts! Yours could be vital in helping someone understand God’s unconditional love. Perhaps some small element in your story will strike a chord with a reader, leading to a commitment to Jesus Christ. Your story could make all the difference in the world.

A carefully prepared testimony, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can be of immediate and effective use in nearly every witnessing situation, including online discussions and testimonies published on your personal web page. It should be your desire to present Christ in such a clear, attractive, yet simple, way that those who read will not only want to know Him too, but they will also know “how” to know Him personally.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you prepare your story, and trust Him to use your testimony through this incredible communications medium. The only requirement is that you are a Christian who can describe how God has changed your life. Take part today! It’s easy! All it takes to make a difference in someone’s life is about one hour preparing a brief personal testimony!


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