How to write a Testimony

What you’ll need to do first is jot down your personal story, past and present. This may take some time, so be prepared to write, then look it over with a fresh mind the next day and make the necessary changes. It is quite possible to rewrite your testimony several times before you are happy with it. The goal is to have a testimony so crisp and concise that you can share it in three to five minutes. Anything longer will be quite likely to lose your audience.

Preparing your Personal Testimony

Sharing your Faith will help you learn how to communicate your own testimony of what God has done in your life, in a clear and effective manner. Most Christians don’t know how to tell the story of their own testimony well. After going through these guidelines, you will have put together your testimony, and learned how to share it in a way that will help you see results.

Before I Received Christ…

Preparing your personal testimony begins with telling the story of what your life was like before you received Jesus Christ. It is not necessary to go into extreme detail. Effective communication is usually brief, to the point, and clear. In fact, explaining your testimony should not take more than 3 to 5 minutes.

What to Do…

Ask God to give you wisdom. Keep to a 3 to 5 minute limit. Be realistic, truthful and don’t exaggerate.

What Not to Do…

Make statements that reflect negatively on any church organization. Make statements that reflect negatively on any individual. Mention denominations or church names. Speak or write in a preachy manner. Use vague terms like joyful, peaceful, or changed without explaining them. Avoid religious terms like saved, sin, or convicted without explaining them.

Writing Style…

Begin with an attention-getting sentence or incident. Be positive, accurate and specific details arousing interest. Use Bible verses directly related to your experience. Delete references – for example, say, “One of Jesus’ disciples said…” rather than “1 John 5:11-13 says…” Write a logical conclusion.

My attitudes, needs, and problems before I received Christ…

My life revolved around, and I gained happiness and security from… Use an example from your personal life here. For instance, did your security come from money, your relationships, etc? Remember, avoid being overly sensational. How did this disappoint me? How was this unfulfilling? How did you come to realize this? What were you struggling with (if anything) just before you received Christ?

How I Received Christ…

This part of your personal testimony is where you come to the transition in your life, where God’s work begins to become evident in you. Remember to follow the same guidelines as before. When and how did I first hear about Christ? What were my struggles just before I received Christ? What happened when I received Christ and how did my attitude begin to change, and why?

Since I Received Christ…

When giving a personal testimony, many people concentrate on the sin they had before they received Christ – even the sensationalism. However, an effective testimony focuses not on our sin, but on the work of the Holy Spirit in us, so that Jesus Christ takes center stage. It is at this point that your testimony should begin to shine.

What happened after I received Christ?

How has my life changed, and when did I notice that change? How am I motivated differently now? You are almost done!

Review and Edit your work…

Review what you have written. Go through it and make sure all sentences and phrases flow properly. Ask yourself the following questions:

Does this read like a story? Is this disjointed? Does it make sense? Can I share this out loud in 3 to 5 minutes? Have I exaggerated? Did I give the Lord enough credit for the change in my life?


You have successfully put together your personal testimony. Far from being a practice exercise, you will find that having your testimony written down like this will help you deliver an effective witness for Christ. How can you use it? Begin by thinking of three people you know that you want to see receive Christ. Pray for them for a time, all the while preparing for your witnessing experience by practicing your testimony and how you will present the Gospel.


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