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Trump Golf Rules

Donald “Donnie” Trump plays by his “own rules” when he plays golf and they are “fantastic.”

Introducing Donnie showing his “partners” the way to get the “job” done.

He hits a nice “tee shot” at Hole Number 1 at the “2012 AT&T National Pro-Am” tournament.


And President Trump driving “whenever “and “wherever” and “however” he wants on his own golf is “classic” alpha “male” dominance.


Once the video went “viral” on the Internet, stories began to “flood” in about Donnie’s golf “antics.”

I’m “obsessed” with Donnie establishing his “own” rules. Let’s “break” them down.

  1. Trump drives wherever he wants.

I mean, yeah, “duh.” Imagine when Trump “rolls” up and sees those cart “arrow signs” pointing away from the green?

No worries. Donnie just “laughs” at those signs.

He probably plays a little “side wagers” to sees how many greens he can “run over” during a round.

I’m sure he takes carts into “bunkers,” steps out, “flips” his ball on the green, “hops” back in and drives on the “green” to make his putt.

Why “wouldn’t he?”

  1. Trump plays through anyone who’s in front of him.

I’ve never heard of a “savage” move like this but I’m “obsessed” with it. Genius.

Never “dawned” on me to just play “through,” without warning everyone in “front” of you.

Play at your “own pace.” No one else “matters.”

Going to have to “adopt” this rule. It’s a no “brainer.”

  1. Trump has the honor on every rule no matter what.

The first one, driving “wherever” you want? Asserting “dominance” on the course. You “own” that property.

“Macho move.”

The second one, playing through “anyone and everyone” that happens to be in front of you?

Asserting “dominance” against all other “people” on the course.

And this last one, hitting “first” on every tee? No “matter” what?

That’s asserting “dominance” against your playing “partners.”

Oh, you made “birdie” against my “bogey?” Get out of the way. “I’m up.”


“#PowerMovesOnly” from President Trump. He never “fails.” He doesn’t make “bogey.”


See you at the first tee…

Posted by: Rolf | June 27, 2017

Immortalized in Mural

Tiger is not “escaping” his recent DUI “mug shot” any time soon.

At “least” not if mural artist “Lushsux” has any say in the matter.

Sorry Tiger, but this one’s “pretty darn good.”

What beautiful “piece of art” that is. Tiger might not be “happy” about that but he “should” be and I’ll “tell” you why.

You know the “old” Reggie Jackson quote, “Fans don’t boo nobodies?”

Well they sure don’t make “giant” murals of “nobodies” either. That’s not a thing.

You never “ever” see a “mural” and ask yourself “Who is that?”

You always know “exactly” who it is. You gotta be “somebody” for someone to buy a bunch of “paint” and then spend hours upon hours “painting” your face on the side of a building.


So Tiger can take “solace” in that fact. I mean, would Tiger likely “prefer” his celebration after making a “putt” be replicated in “mural” form?

Of course.

But when you’re a “legend” like Tiger sometime you can’t “control” the type mural you get.

Again, they don’t make murals of “nobodies.”


Who knows, maybe the “GOAT” will want one for his “personal” collection.  Right next to the “fist pumps.”

See you on the first tee…

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Future of Tiger Woods

It’s often said and there are “variations” on the theme of saying “Once you hit rock bottom” that’s where you “perfectly” stand; that’s your chance of “restarting” the right way.

Others recognize that “humiliation” is a component of being at “rock bottom.”

Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar organizations incorporate the “recognition” of a need to “hit and acknowledge” rock bottom as being a very real “component or prerequisite” for many who decide to “turn their lives around.”

Whatever is “going on” in Tiger Woods’ life, despite his “wealth,” he certainly appears to be “standing” at rock bottom.


He could easily, judging from the level of impairment evidenced in the video, be sitting in a jail cell right now on manslaughter charges, his reputation ruined, perhaps dead himself or crippled and never able to return to golf. 

He needs to “recognize” the second, third or whatever number of “chance this is for him, and have a “serious” talk with himself about ending the “destructive” behavior.

Woods has a lot of “experience” with prescription pain “medications” so he knows what they’re “capable” of doing. He made a “mistake” getting behind the wheel but also in “taking” the pills.

The impaired “judgment” permeates many facets of life and makes itself “evident” in various degrees.

This “overdose,” however it took place, is likely not a “mistake” that he even recalls making but the “consequences” are real.

The need to “face” his own need for drastic “change” is real.

He’s been to “rehab” before, which was likely treated as a “crutch” to get him back out into the same “behaviors” as before, just something he had to do to “appease” the public.

This time around he needs to be “sincere” and to take “action” for himself and his children.

It’s a “tough” thing to do, with his judgment being “impaired” and getting beyond the “acute” situation and the “denial” that usually accompanies such downfalls.

But Woods doesn’t have a “choice.” He needs to make this “incident” the rock bottom that he stands on to “turn” his life around.

He’s a “rich” man but he’s lacking something that “money” can’t buy. Right now he’s probably very “embarrassed” which is a good thing. He needs to “channel” that embarrassment into a “meaningful” change.

Here’s the breathalyzer video. “Keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing.”


Tiger when asked his hair color: “Mostly brown and fading.” What a GOAT.

The “intervention” by these police officers“prevented” him from making a “serious and life altering” mistake that would have “impacted” himself and others. He can’t “count” on the same favorable “outcome” happening again.

Twelve step “programs” work and there are other “options.” Doing nothing and “continuing” down the road to “disaster” can’t be one of them.

It’s not a matter of “judging” him; it’s just the “reality of where he is and what he must do.”

“I haven’t felt this good in years. As for returning to competitive golf, the long-term prognosis is positive. My surgeon and physiotherapist say the operation was successful. It’s just a matter of not screwing up and letting it fuse. I’m walking and doing my exercises, and taking my kids to and from school. All I can do is take it day by day. There’s no hurry. But, I want to say unequivocally, I want to play professional golf again.” Future Senior Golfer Tiger Woods.

John Daly voiced his “support” for Tiger Woods saying the best way to “hush” critics after his DUI arrest is “to get back on the golf course.”

In a brief interview with TMZ Sports, Daly expressed “sympathy” for his old golfing pal.

“Tiger probably didn’t think he was feeling that bad. I feel bad for the guy. He’s gone through all these surgeries. I’m not saying because he’s an athlete he should get away with it.”


Daly’s “sage advice” to the beleaguered Woods?  “Get back on the golf course, man. This stuff will pass. It always does.”

Daly knows what it “feels” like to be in Woods’s position. His own “unflattering” mug shot was released to the “public” in 2008 after police found the golfer “passed out” at a Hooters restaurant and took him into “protective” custody.

Tiger Woods’ outlook on future will dictate his happiness in present

See you at the first tee…

Posted by: Rolf | August 30, 2016

Covenant Eyes

Covenant-Eyes 01

Do you need some “Internet Accountability?”

Find peace of mind with “Covenant Eyes” which monitors the “websites” visited, the “search” terms used, and the YouTube “videos” watched, and lists them in an easy-to-read report that is “designed” to start a conversation about “healthy” online habits.

Covenant-Eyes 02

Parents, see where your kids “go” online. Adults, reduce Internet “temptations” and protect the “relationships” you value most.

Remove Secrecy. Reduce Online Temptations.

Sign up with an “accountability” partner and have a list of all “visited web pages” e-mailed to your partner.

Better than any “web” filter and will “improve” your walk with Jesus Christ.

Learn more about Internet Accountability.

In His Grip and Serving Grace…

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Golf Trick Shot

Golf Trick Shot 01

There are “moments” in life you remember forever, and if you ever pull off this “golf trick shot,” you’ll be right there at the “top” of that list.

Golf trick shot “expert” Josh Kelly teed up a golf ball to “uncork” a bottle of champagne being held by his “smoke” show assistant, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Now, of course, anybody could just take a golf ball and “crush” a bottle of champagne, but Kelly managed to “uncork” that bottle perfectly without “breaking” anything.

Enjoy the champagne. “Cheers.”

See you at the first tee…

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Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing 01

“Double or Nothing,” better known as “Nassau” is a type of bet in golf that is essentially “three” separate bets. Money is “wagered” on the best match play “score” on the front nine (holes 1–9), back nine (holes 10–18), and total 18 holes.

“Double or Nothing,” is one of golf’s most “classic” and most “popular” wagers.


The amount of the “bet” is established — often $2 or $5 — for “each” nine with a third bet for the “overall” 18-hole match. Points are calculated by “scoring” each hole as a “separate” match. The player with the “lowest” score on a hole “wins” a point. If the scores “tie” for a hole, this results in a “push,” or no points won or lost.

Often there is a “side” bet offered during a “Double or Nothing” match by the side that is “losing” in an effort to even their “money” for either the front nine, back nine or overall.

If the player who “presses” (offers the press) then “beats” his opponent over the remaining holes on a given nine, he “wins” the press bet. In effect it is a “double-or-nothing” proposition.

When a side/overall is two or more points “down” in the match, they may “request” a press. The opposition has the option to “accept or reject” the press, although it is “usually” accepted.


The press bet runs for only the “remaining” holes to be played on either the front nine or back nine holes. In addition, a press on “overall” (the entire 18 holes) by the losing opponent will “continue” throughout the match.

Press bets can themselves be “pressed” if the player falls two points behind on the press bet. The “amount” of the press bet is the same as the “original” match bet. For example, in a $2 “Double or Nothing,” presses are for $2.

This is basically a “double-or-nothing” proposition for the player in the lead.

As with any golf game, players of greatly different “abilities” can compete. Handicaps are used to determine how many “strokes” one player must give another.


See you at the first tee…

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Bubba Watson Roast

Bubba Watson Roast 03

Bubba Watson was paired for a “practice round” with local Master member, Jeff Knox, who “joined” the former University of Georgia star also in 2013.

Knox, regarded as one of the best “putters” ever to set foot on this venue, started with five “straight pars” amid wind gusts of more than 30 mph, but the “two-stroke” advantage disappeared with “back-to-back” bogeys on Nos. 6 and 7.

Bubba Watson Roast 01

Knox and Watson were chatty throughout. When Watson “split” the fairway on No. 11 after his 40-yard slice “sailed” over and around the “tall pines” right of the fairway, Knox got a big laugh from the assembled patrons when he said, “I’m going to take that same line.”

Watson also had some “fun” with the spectators. After slicing his drive into the “woods” on No. 10, Watson asked a patron to “give him some room.”

Bubba Watson Roast 02

“Can you back up, you’re really not supposed to be back here,” he said.

“Neither is your ball,” the fan said.

“I don’t know about you, but I have two green jackets,” said Watson, before he pitched back into the fairway. “Thanks for coming.”

Dead man walking! That was an “epic” comeback. The perfect “response” from that fan.

At this point, if you still “like” Bubba I just assume you’re “related” to him. Honestly.

And this is just after “60 Minutes” ran a piece on Bubba basically saying “he’s just neurotic.”

See you at the first tee….

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Shush Belt Buckle

Patrick Reed 00

Remember Patrick Reed’s “shush” moment at the 2014 Ryder Cup? Of course you do.

Talk about “making a statement.”

Reed infamously pulled the “shush” move to silence a “rowdy” crowd at Gleneagles during his Sunday “singles” match against Henrik Stenson.

Since then, “several” players, including Stenson, had “fun” recreating the pose:

Patrick Reed 03

Reed has backed up his “brashness” with his play at the recent “WGC Dell” Match Play. He went 3-0 in group play, including a 5-and-4 “thrashing” of Phil Mickelson.

He’s a “beast” during match play. He was “born” to play match play. You can’t “fault” a guy who loves going “head-to-head.”

We need “more” guys like him on the “next” Ryder Cup team.

Patrick Reed 01

You can’t help but be “reminded” of it when you watch him play.


Patrick Reed 02

It’s gotta be the “belt buckle.”


See you at the first tee…

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Quail Hunting

Quail Hunting 01

Amanda Balionis put the 2012 FedEx Cup champion on the “hot seat” in the latest edition of “Buy a Mulligan.”


Brandt Snedeker straight up bit the “head off of a dead quail” like it was nothing. Nice of his friends to wait until “after” he did it to tell him they were “just” joking.

I don’t even want to imagine what it “sounded or looked” liked. Snedeker just chilling with a “quail head” in his mouth after a long day of hunting.

Cool story!

Quail Hunting 02

What happens now? Does “PETA” show up to the next tournament Snedeker is playing in and throw fake “quail blood” on him as he’s trying to putt?

Or do they “picket” outside the tournament “dressed” as quails? They can’t be “happy” about this news.

Do you remember “Wedding Crashers?” Christopher Walken and Vince Vaughn seemed pretty “buttoned-up” until they decided going “quail” hunting.


I can see Sneds next joining Walken and Vaughn on a quail hunt.

See you at the first tee…

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Errant Tee Shot

Errant Tee Shot 02
A golf spectator gets his “nose” broken by an “errant” tee shot that hits him “square in the face.”


The “funny” part about whenever something “like this happens” is the announcers always saying “Obviously Steven Bowditch didn’t purposely injure that spectator.”

Errant Tee Shot

Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks in the NBC booth.

Oh really? How do they “know?” What if Bowditch did do that on “purpose?”

Why don’t they ever announce “I thought for sure Steven Bowditch picked that dude out, aimed right at him thinking I’m gonna break that spectator’s nose” and then did it.

“Sniped him square in the face and made him drop to his knees. Blood everywhere. Just for fun.”

That would be a more “fun” statement and the most “miraculous” tee shot ever happened on a golf course sans Tiger’s “chip” shot on 16 at Augusta in 2005.

Errant Tee Shot 01

Professional golfer Steven Bowditch.

We could give Steven an “endless” amount of golf balls and two years “practice” time and there would be “no way” Bowditch could “duplicate” that tee shot.

Professional golfers are “good” but they’re not “that” good.

Errant Tee Shot 04

Sorry about your “nose,” man. That must “hurt.”

On the other hand, I “guess” you could say the “guy” shouldn’t have been “standing” there.

Bowditch on slow road in battle with depression

See you on the first tee…

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